The Beach Shack

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10/10 (基于3 评论上的平均评分)

Spent 5 days in this amazing location with our adult children and their partners. An excellent base to explore the island from if you can drag yourselves away from the house itself. The team at the house took excellent care of us, no request was too much trouble. They were around enough to make us feel looked after but balanced this with allowing us to feel that the house was our own perfect sanctuary for the duration of our stay.

Dorothy (澳大利亚) 和朋友以及他们的家人从01/06/2016日至06/06/2016住在The Beach Shack度假别墅

Walking into the house and seeing the view of the pool overlooking the crashing waves of the ocean was a highlight of our trip. The view was extraordinary. And the house itself was equally gorgeous, with distressed-wood furniture, swinging chairs, big open lofty ceilings, and plenty of counter space, tables, and lounging areas. The porch was a favorite spot, as was the pavilion on the lawn, which proved a small get-away area for the children. We stayed at the Beach Shack with family friends and had five children in the group, ages 6-10. The house was full of good books, games, and movies, so there was plenty to do, when we weren't busy napping. The indoor-outdoor freedom for the kids was great--as long as the children know not to go on the beach without an adult. The water and rocks were rough and not for swimming but the kids (and adults) loved exploring the beach and hiking the rocks. One of the best things about the stay was the very helpful staff who took great care of us. They cleaned up quietly and cheerfully, anticipated our needs, and helped us with preparing for cooking. Ibu Kedek and her team were wonderful. We completely relaxed and hardly washed a dish. It was also quite convenient to have a restaurant directly next door: They delivered our meals to our own private table at the Beach Shack. We also had not one but two massage/spa places right next door. It was fun tooling around the island on motorbikes, going out on a boat to snorkel, and booking a SCUBA trip. The island was so relaxed and the accommodations at the Beach Shack were just right. We highly recommend this place for families (though perhaps not for very young children because of the pool and ocean concerns) and adults--truly beautiful.

Heather (印度尼西亚) 和朋友以及他们的家人从01/12/2015日至08/12/2015住在The Beach Shack度假别墅

Nothing beats when expectations are exceeded again and again - we can only give this place our warmest recommendations. The Beach Shack is the most amazing villa, great personal decor / style and with a fantastic team that takes care of every need. The rocky beach is not for swimming, but there are small natural pools where you can take a dip in the coolest / cleanest water, or you can just lay in the white sand and listen to the wawes. Villa is just next to Sandy bar, very convenient, super cool and popular place with great food and sunset view.

Jan (澳大利亚) 和朋友以及他们的家人从10/10/2015日至15/10/2015住在The Beach Shack度假别墅


  • 设施:

    • 加床 (额外费用) (60 USD/每晚, 2 人数)
    • 备用发电机
    • 吧台
    • 烧烤
    • 电力
    • 灭火器
    • 观景台
    • 吹风机
    • 家居生活用品
    • 街边停车位
    • 毛巾
    • 遮阳伞
    • 斜椅
    • 保险箱
    • 游泳池
    • 阳台
    • 淋浴用品
    • 衣柜空间
    • WiFi无线网络
  • 接送服务:

    • 机场接送 (额外费用)
  • 小孩:

    • 婴儿床 (额外费用)
    • 儿童高脚椅 (额外费用)
    • 保姆 (额外费用)
  • 娱乐休闲:

    • 桌上游戏
    • DVD播放器
    • 国际频道
  • 饮食:

    • 咖啡机
    • 日常早餐 包括在内
    • 晚餐 (额外费用)
    • 厨房
    • 午餐 (额外费用)
  • 服务:

    • 园丁
    • 家务管理
    • 洗衣服务 (额外费用)
    • 按摩 (额外费用)
    • 泳池维修
    • 安保服务
  • 更多信息:

    • 人数限制: 6
    • 员工: 3
    • 别墅规模: 250平方米
    • 花园规模: 950平方米
  • 条款及细则:

    • 入住 14:00
    • 退房: 直到 11:00 am
最少入住 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
从 03/12/2019 到 22/12/2019 淡季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 3,100 RMB ¥ 3,660 RMB ¥ 4,860
从 22/12/2019 到 09/01/2020 近旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 4,020 RMB ¥ 4,020 RMB ¥ 5,280
从 09/01/2020 到 24/01/2020 中旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 2,400 RMB ¥ 3,210 RMB ¥ 4,030
从 24/01/2020 到 09/02/2020 中旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 2,400 RMB ¥ 3,210 RMB ¥ 4,030
从 09/02/2020 到 10/04/2020 中旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 2,400 RMB ¥ 3,210 RMB ¥ 4,030
从 10/04/2020 到 01/05/2020 近旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 5,630
从 01/05/2020 到 01/07/2020 淡季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 3,100 RMB ¥ 4,020 RMB ¥ 5,280
从 01/07/2020 到 01/11/2020 近旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 5,630
从 01/11/2020 到 22/12/2020 淡季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 3,100 RMB ¥ 4,020 RMB ¥ 5,280
从 22/12/2020 到 09/01/2021 近旺季 2 夜 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 4,230 RMB ¥ 5,630


享有40%优惠折扣 - 从22/12/2019 到08/01/2020 for a 1-bedroom configuration
享有20%优惠折扣 - 从22/12/2019 到08/01/2020 for a 2-bedroom configuration
享有31%优惠折扣 - 从22/12/2019 到08/01/2020 for a 3-bedroom configuration
享有22%优惠折扣 - 从01/12/2019 到21/12/2019 in low season(s) for a 1-bedroom configuration
享有12%优惠折扣 - 从01/12/2019 到21/12/2019 in low season(s) for a 2-bedroom configuration
享有17%优惠折扣 - 从01/12/2019 到21/12/2019 in low season(s) for a 3-bedroom configuration

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