Ambalama Villa Bali

10 maks. org. 5 kamar tidur 5 pegawai
Jolien, ahli villa kami, mengunjungi dan memeriksa Ambalama Villa Bali

Kami mencintai

  • Pemandangan 360 derajat ke laut, sawah dan gunung dari kejauhan. Dapat terlihat dari teras outdoor maupun ruang tengah bangunan
  • Kolam renang berukuran panjang 25 meter dengan bale
  • Penjagaan keamanan 24 jam

Wow We were blown away as friends and I booked a couple of villas The shared pool is great... The main villa has a private pool. It was a really r...

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Ambalama Vila berlokasi di sebuah area yang damai dan jauh dari hiruk pikuk. Berjarak 50 meter dari pantai Cemagi dan 20 menit berkendara dari Seminyak. Lokasi ideal ini merupakan lokasi strategis yang memberikan kenyamanan total. Meski demikian, Vila ini masih dapat dengan mudah menjangkau pusat hiburan kota. Dengan lokasi yang strategis ini Anda mendapatkan kenyamanan lebih saat ingin pergi ke berbagai tempat hiburan. Selain itu elemen-elemen yang menenangkan terdapat pada desain vila ini sendiri. Terdiri dari 4 bangunan terpisah yaitu paviliun utama dimana menjadi titik berkumpul seluruh tamu, dan paviliun-paviliun pribadi yang memiliki kamar mandi dan bale pribadi untuk Anda bersantai.

Di paviliun utama terdapat kamar tidur yang berukuran paling besar. Kamar ini memiliki dua lantai dan juga kolam renang tersendiri. Sedangkan paviliun di sebelahnya merupakan paviliun dengan ruang keluarga yang juga memiliki dua lantai dengan ruang keluarga dan ruang makan. Vila Ambalama mempunyai ruang berkumpul outdoor dan indoor yang keduanya saling terhubung oleh sebuah tangga spiral. Terdapat pula teras dengan kolam renang berukuran panjang 25 meter. Di sini Anda tidak hanya akan menikmati pemandangan pantai namun juga mendapatkan relaksasi dari kolam renang yang besar.

Para staf merupakan staf professional, begitu pula dengan chef pribadi yang dapat menyediakan beragam masakan lokal atau masakan lainnya sesuai selera Anda. Pelayanan ekslusif tersebut berpadu dengan panorama sawah dan laut yang luar biasa akan memenuhi kesenangan liburan Anda di Bali. Dengan interior desain yang antik, otentik dan elegan, Vila Ambalama pastinya akan memberika sebuah pengalaman tak terlupakan.

Ambalama Villa Bali: 10/10
Nilai rata-rata berdasarkan 5 Ulasan-ulasan

Wow We were blown away as friends and I booked a couple of villas The shared pool is great... The main villa has a private pool. It was a really relaxed stay and the staff looked after us really well . And we really enjoyed our stay. Well done

Lesli (Singapore) tinggal di Ambalama Villa Bali dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 24/08/2014 sampai 29/08/2014

We have booked this villa to try out and we were greeted with a gasp of WOW of the entire villa. Rooms are separated with the rest thus I find it very private and feel I have my own space as we are travelled with big group. What more can I say and we had a great time together. The villa chef is great and always cooked us delicious cuisine. Staffs are friendly too and extremely helpful with a lovely smile always. I guess all Balinese are very friendly by nature. I will come back again and maybe I should ask if repeated guest will have a concession :) or a membership enrollment. Come and experience it yourself and you will definitely come back for more.

Nic D (Hong Kong) tinggal di Ambalama Villa Bali dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 28/07/2014 sampai 03/08/2014

I haven't been back in Bali for a few years, thus was most impressed by the arrival experience at the airport. It was so seamless I cleared Customs in about 10 minutes. Hence, within the hour, I was already at Ambalama Villa. The villa's surroundings facing the ocean, padi fields and the distant volcanoes provided the perfect setting to reconnect with nature. I liked the fact it's located in a traditional village, so we could take in the colorful religious processions and all. The staff's service made the stay memorable, while the accommodation and spaciousness of the villa - and especially the infinity pool facing the padi fields - made us wish we could stay there longer than our dates of visit. If you desire a complete retreat far from the madding crowd, this would be the ideal villa accommodation of choice.

Lee C (China) tinggal di Ambalama Villa Bali dengan keluarganya dari 30/08/2014 sampai 08/09/2014

The sight of Ambalama that greeted us upon our evening arrival was one that calmed the state of our minds - the generous space surrounding us, modern clean-line architecture but yet unmistakenly Balinese, the soft lighting so aluring. This villa-style getaway is luxurious and most impressive, designed by Ernesto, an Argentinian architect. The elevated rest area with 360 degree view of the nearby seafront and green padi terraces is fitted with eye catching gigantic wooden lourves. The team of service staff was most attentive to our needs. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were delicious, served on a long dinning table overlooking the 25' long swimming pool. The garden is lushly landscaped with tropical vegetations, augmented here and there with water features. We were told by the owner that a section of the padi terraces along is will soon be transformed into lily/lotus terraces; we can imagine how beautiful that can be when it's ready. The villa is located 200m away from a black sandy beach with a local temple complex that makes the site like a mini Tanah Lot. There is one master villa (2 storey with private pool) and 4 smaller villas, each comes with its own yard with water feature, high ceiling, posted bed, open shower/bath area with a small garden. Airport transfer was provided and we did not have to fuss around with local transportation; getting there was simply seamless and troublefree. Anyone reaching out for quiet moments in Bali, and yet not too far from the buzzling centre of Seminyak, should experience the beauty and luxury that Ambalama offers.

Eng Lui (Singapore) tinggal di Ambalama Villa Bali dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 17/11/2014 sampai 23/11/2014

What a refreshing & beautiful change of a Balinese resort. It is beautifully modern & filled with all the amenities you'd wish for. The staff were very attentive and provided good home-styled Balinese & Indonesian food. Fantastic for a family reunion as there are 4 large well-appointed villas. The main villa is also available for rental if necessary! I'd return for another visit as soon as I can find the time.

Abo (Malaysia) tinggal di Ambalama Villa Bali dengan sekelompok teman-teman mereka dari 24/12/2014 sampai 30/12/2014


Minimal hari penginapan 5 Kamar
dari 21/02/2017 sampai 14/04/2017 Low season malam IDR Rp 15,140,000
dari 14/04/2017 sampai 17/04/2017 High season malam IDR Rp 19,020,000
dari 17/04/2017 sampai 01/07/2017 Low season malam IDR Rp 15,140,000
dari 01/07/2017 sampai 01/09/2017 High season malam IDR Rp 19,020,000
dari 01/09/2017 sampai 19/12/2017 Low season malam IDR Rp 15,140,000
dari 19/12/2017 sampai 09/01/2018 Peak Season malam IDR Rp 24,060,000
dari 09/01/2018 sampai 01/07/2018 Low season malam IDR Rp 15,140,000

Layanan dan fitur

  • Koki
  • Petugas keamanan
  • Tukang kebun
  • Pemeliharaan kolam renang
  • Kolam renang
  • Payung kolam renang
  • Handuk kolam renang
  • Pemutar DVD
  • TV
  • Saluran internasional
  • TV satelit
  • Bioskop rumah
  • Film-film DVD
  • Pemutar CD Musik
  • Stereo
  • Dapur lengkap
  • Mesin pembuat kopi
  • BBQ
  • Kursi berbaring
  • Bale
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Brankas
  • Generator cadangan
  • Ruang lemari
  • Setrika dan papan setrika
  • Telepon internasional
  • Telepon lokal
  • Tamu tambahan
  • Ranjang bayi
  • Pemutar Blu-ray
  • Teras

Tersedia dengan biaya tambahan

  • Supir
  • Penjemputan dari airport
  • Tersedia mobil
  • Pijatan
  • Pengasuh
  • Binatu
  • Tersedia sepeda
  • Sarapan harian

Syarat dan ketentuan

Minimal hari penginapan:
1 malam di low season, 3 malam di high season, 5 malam di peak season
setelah 02:00 pm
sampai 12:00 pm
Makan siang & makan malam:
harga bahan baku + 5%
harga bahan baku + 5%