Win a 2 night stay with our sister company,!

Did you enjoy your stay in Bali with us? Hopefully the answer is an overwhelming and undeniable ABSOLUTELY! If this is the case, and you’re looking for the same level of service in other travel destinations, you will be happy to hear about a chance to win a stay with one of our new sister villas in the beautiful land of Sri Lanka.

Looks pretty incredible right? To help you discover the acclaimed “Resplendent Island”, we decided to organize a unique and interactive competition. In the spirit of travel, each participant will send a “digital postcard” to us highlighting the reasons why they want to come to Sri Lanka. How will this work exactly? You’ll simply fill out the back of your postcard here with the various reasons you want to visit, choose your image, and send it to your friends and family.

The more people you share your postcard with, the greater your chances are of winning a 2 night stay at Villa Kingsley’s Pearl. Located on the Sri Lankan coast just south of the town of Galle, this luxurious 5 bedroom villa enjoys direct beach access and an inviting Colonial-era atmosphere for a group of 10 adults and children. Snooze away the days in the garden hammock, chill out in the pool or learn a new instrument in the villa’s very own music room, the options are endless! The gracious staff will be sure to make your trip memorable from the moment you walk in the door, cooking fabulous cuisine and sharing local island insight with you and your loved ones.

Sri Lanka Post Card

Send a Sri Lanka post card to your friends and family! was launched a few months ago after we received an overwhelming number of requests from satisfied clients wanting to experience a villa holiday with us in a new location. Fortunately for you, we’ve already inspected and selected over 50 villas in different parts of the historic country so that there is sure to be a holiday style and experience for everyone!

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