We’re Hiring! The Next Bali Reporter Could Be You (Update: We’ve found her)

Job alert: Bali Reporter

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Are you a self-proclaimed circus juggling, multi-tasker trapped in the body of a free spirit/travel junkie? If so, the versatile Bali Reporter position at Villa-Bali.com may just be your dream gig. Combining the skills of a photographer, blogger and low-key food critic, the role of the Bali Reporter is one that transcends your average 9-to-5 day job and forces you to get to know the island of Bali intimately. Other than visiting and taking photos of amazing villas, your days will consist of finding what lays ‘off the beaten track’, searching for the best (fill in the blank) in Bali and ultimately working on your own schedule.

Bali Reporter Collage

The ideal candidate will have a passion for writing in his or her native English language, as well as a hidden love for jamming out to music alone in the car (or scooter) and a brilliant sense of direction (because you will indeed get lost along the way). Climbing a volcano just to write a harrowing blog article about it is not beyond your realm of possibility because in the end, it’s all about the story. Other fun adjectives that describe you, the future Bali Reporter: independent, responsible, trustworthy, creative, self-discliplined, the original hipster… Jk?

Heck, you may even learn to fly and operate a drone when the time is right. We promise you this job is real…

To apply, have a quick look at this more comprehensive (and riveting!) job description and don’t hesitate to send your resume and cover letter to hr@villa-finder.com to tell us why this sounds like the perfect fit for you.

Update: We found our new Bali Reporter. Her name is Melinda but she will introduce herself to you soon 😉

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