Breakfast in Bali: 7 Must-Try Cafes

Yes, we’re talking about food again, but everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So why not start your Bali mornings off right at 7 of our favorite cafes on the island!

1) Hungry BirdHungry Bird

Searching for a strong cup of freshly ground coffee to wake you up in the AM? Look no further than the Hungry Bird Cafe in Canggu. This little hole in the wall serves up some of the best coffee that you’ll find in all of Bali. Every meal is homemade, from their pancakes and jam to the porridge and fruit salads. A great place to stop by and grab a bite for cheap with the local crowd!

Porch Cafe2) Porch Cafe

After a long night out, the Porch Cafe is just the place to recover with a typically large and decadent American breakfast. Their best selling dish is ‘Bon’s Hashstack’: hash brown, bacon, grilled tomato & savoury mushrooms on a bed of fresh rocket, topped with poached eggs and their special caesar dressing… Need we say more?

3) Sea Circus CafeSea Circus

For those who thrive in a quirky and fun-loving atmosphere, the Sea Circus Cafe is just for you. This self-proclaimed ‘coffee den’ is always buzzing with people, so be prepared to squeeze in tight and even share a long, high-top table with fellow breakfast lovers. What’s more is they even have acai bowls on the menu! You know, the Brazilian purple superfood that is hard to pronounce but tastes delicious? Yep, that one. Served with bananas, strawberries, bee pollen and granola, we have no doubt you will be humming with joy on every bite.

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Alchemy4) Alchemy

We’ve told you before how much we love Alchemy’s organic salad and juice bar, but have we mentioned that they also do a killer breakfast? In the morning time, leafy greens and other vegetables are replaced by a variety of homemade yogurts, granola and fresh fruit to choose between. Make your bowl, top it off with their fluffy coconut whip and you will be one happy camper all day long, we promise. There aren’t many places like Alchemy where you can get a healthy yogurt parfait that tastes this delicious!

5) La LucciolaLa Lucciola

Known as one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Bali, La Lucciola is accessible via a lovely river bridge nearby the famous Petitenget Temple. Every morning, the resident Italian chef is cooking decadent breakfast dishes, such as eggs benedict, homemade hash browns and poached eggs with salmon. Served alongside delicious fruit granitas and gourmet lattes, this is a must-try restaurant in Seminyak. Try to get a table upstairs for the best views of the sandy beach and ocean waves.

Monsieur Spoon6) Monsieur Spoon

If you are dreaming of an amazing French breakfast, head to Monsieur Spoon in Batu Bolong, Canggu. Their charming garden and seating area provides the perfect place to treat yourself to a salty  caramel chocolate tarlet or a flaky almond croissant. Wash it down with a frothy, icy cold coffee and head to the beach just down the street. If your villa’s own poolside bale proves too cozy to leave in the morning, you can order online or by telephone for a convenient delivery of freshly baked goods.

7) Batu Jimbar CafeBatu Jimbar

A social hub and central meeting spot for Sanur locals and visitors, the Batu Jimbar Cafe is a consistent favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the morning time, choose between their gourmet poached egg dishes and french toast or opt for a more traditional Indonesian breakfast of rice porridge and fried rice with eggs. For a special treat try their rambutan juice, ‘BJ’s Most Wanted’, usually available during rainy season. And if you’re around in Sanur on Sundays, don’t miss their famous Sunday market and brunch from 10am-2pm.

What’s your favorite breakfast spot in Bali? We’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Thanks a million to our taste tester (and intern) Florent for contributing to this post 😉


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