Get Cultured at the 36th Annual Bali Arts Festival!

Looking to witness some of that magical Balinese culture that continues to intrigue visitors year after year? Luckily for you (and me), the month-long Bali Arts Festival kicked off this weekend in a large and colorful parade, showcasing dances, music, and artistic acts from regencies all over the island.

From 14th June to 12th July, daily performances will take place throughout Denpasar, showcasing over 15,000 art students, artisans, community members and other participants in more than 300 shows. Every village will perform their own traditional performances and host workshops reflecting their local trades and foods, with this year’s theme being “KertamasaDynamics of the Agricultural Society Towards Universal Happiness“.

Tourists and families visiting Bali are more than welcome to attend these kid-friendly exhibitions, encouraged even! The Balinese created this festival 36 years ago to honor the history of their culture and ensure that the arts were passed on from generation to generation.  Their philosophy goes that “tourism should be for Bali instead of Bali for tourism”, with proceeds from handicraft and food sales going towards the welfare of each community.

The majority of the performances will be held at the Werdi Budaya Art Center in East Denpasar, with others being held at various locations around the city.

Visit the Bali Arts Festival Guide for the complete schedule on shows, times and locations. See you all there!

Werdi Budaya Art Center
Jalan Nusa Indah, Abian Kapas, Denpasar, Bali
+62 361 235600

Parade photos taken by our very own Berenice 🙂

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