Villa Majapahit Raj

6 最高宿泊人数 3 ベットルーム 16 スタッフ
Jolien, our villa expert, inspected Villa Majapahit Raj

ウィー ラブ

  • Friendly pool of staff that’ll take care of all your needs
  • Part of the Majapahit Villas Complex
  • Decorated with unique sculptures and other artworks that enhance the overall beauty of the villa
  • Elegant 12 meter pool
  • Two Jacuzzi tubs
  • Views of the ocean from the master bedroom balcony

About Villa Majapahit Raj

Located near the fishing village of Ketewel, Villa Majapahit Raj is a rejuvenating three bedroom stay. With a quaint garden peppered with palms and pandanas and the ocean not too far away, your stay here at the villa will be a relaxing experience, where you get to reconnect with yourself, your family, and friends. Part of the Majapahit Beach Villas complex, Villa Majapahit Raj can be rented with its sister villas, which is perfect setup for group gatherings such as weddings. Come and have a wonderful seaside Balinese experience here at Villa Majapahit Raj!

Outdoor and Pool Area

The 12 meter pool situated in the middle of the villa’s garden, is perfect for guests who want to take a morning swim or enjoy a calming afternoon floating on the pool’s waters.Sunbeds are available for those who want to read a good book while still being outside. There is also a large balé where guests have the luxury of sprawling out on the comfortable cushions, while enjoying the breeze. For an even more relaxing time, guests can also spend some time in the massage pavilion, which is shared with a sister villa.

Living Area

Here at Villa Majapahit Raj, you can bask in the pleasures of stylish and contemporary interiors, designed with Balinese artwork. The living and dining areas open up to the garden and pool, giving the space a pleasant and airy ambience. Enjoy a good meal in the 6 seater dining area or watch a fun TV show seated on the comfortable couch in the living area. You can also choose to dip into one or two jacuzzis, which extend right into the living room.

Master Bedroom

You’re sure to get a luxurious night’s rest here at the master bedroom of Villa Majapahit Raj. The room is cooled by an air conditioning unit and furnished with a plush yet comfortable king size bed. You’ll sleep like a baby here. Complete with an en suite bathroom with all the best bathing facilities and a shaded balcony that gives you a glimpse of the ocean beyond, you’ll really get to experience great rest and relaxation.

Guest Bedrooms

The villa’s two guest bedrooms are also equipped with comfortable king size beds. Located on the ground floor, opposite each other, and opening right up to the garden area, the rooms are designed to make you feel connected with nature, helping relax and renew your senses. The en suite bathrooms are also designed with natural elements such as tropical plants, complete with gorgeous sunken tubs.

Staff and Services

The staff here at Villa Majapahit Raj are friendly, competent, and attentive. Every day, they will strive to bring you the best service. For transportation, and for a certain fee, there is a driver who can take you wherever you wish to go for up to 10 hours a day. The driver is only one amongst a team of butlers, a chef, housekeepers, gardeners, security guards, and masseuses, who are ready and happy to meet your every need.

Around the Villa

While the Villa is situated in the serener side of Bali, there are still a number of things to do in the area.The villages of Saba and Ketewel are nearby and give guests the opportunity to take a peak and try to understand a little bit more about Balinese life and culture. The Saba Bay Stables is only three kilometers away, while Bali Safari and Marine Park and Bali Bird Park is seven kilometers away.


最低宿泊日数 3 部屋
チェックイン 23/11/2016 チェックアウト 16/12/2016 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300
チェックイン 16/12/2016 チェックアウト 26/12/2016 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 26/12/2016 チェックアウト 03/01/2017 Peak season JPY ¥ 84,600
チェックイン 03/01/2017 チェックアウト 08/01/2017 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 08/01/2017 チェックアウト 27/01/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300
チェックイン 27/01/2017 チェックアウト 05/02/2017 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 05/02/2017 チェックアウト 01/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300
チェックイン 01/04/2017 チェックアウト 13/04/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 58,700
チェックイン 13/04/2017 チェックアウト 18/04/2017 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 18/04/2017 チェックアウト 28/04/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300
チェックイン 28/04/2017 チェックアウト 02/05/2017 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 02/05/2017 チェックアウト 16/06/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300
チェックイン 16/06/2017 チェックアウト 24/06/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 58,700
チェックイン 24/06/2017 チェックアウト 21/08/2017 High season JPY ¥ 68,000
チェックイン 21/08/2017 チェックアウト 01/09/2017 Mid-high season JPY ¥ 58,700
チェックイン 01/09/2017 チェックアウト 15/12/2017 Low season JPY ¥ 49,300


  • ハウスキーピング
  • セキュリティー
  • ガーデナー
  • プール管理
  • プール
  • パラソル
  • プールタオル
  • DVDプレイヤー
  • テレビ
  • 国際チャンネル
  • 衛星テレビ
  • DVD映画
  • CDプレイヤー
  • ステレオ
  • 完全装備のキッチン
  • 日常品
  • バーベキュー
  • リクライニングチェアー
  • 東屋
  • Wi-Fi インターネット
  • 路上駐車
  • ジャグジー
  • 金庫
  • ヘアードライヤー
  • バックアップ ジェネレーター
  • 洋服ダンスの場所
  • ベビーベッド
  • バルコニー


  • シェフ
  • ドライバー
  • 空港送迎
  • 車貸し出し
  • マッサージ
  • ベビーシッター
  • ランドリー
  • 自転車貸し出し
  • 毎朝食
  • 国際電話
  • ローカル電話
  • 追加ベッド

Terms and conditions

2 nights in low season, 5 nights in high season, 7 nights in peak season
after 03:00 pm
until 12:00 pm
Late check-out:
until 06:00 pm charged 50% of the daily rate (subject to availability)
Lunch & dinner:
menu system